Sessions for Write Now Conference

2019 Schedule

Time Description
8:15-8:30 Check-in
8:30-10:30 Opening session with World Champion surfer and bestselling author Shaun Tomson
10:50-11:50 Session One
12:00-12:50 Lunch
1:05-2:05 Session Two
2:05-2:15 Reflection & Dismissal

2019 Sessions

Authentic Expression. Your voice. Your words. Your story. From social media to cover letters, resumes, and papers, learn how to effectively communicate knowledge, ideas, insight, and opinions in writing.

Tracey Glaessgen, Associate Director of the Center for Academic Success and Transition, MSU

Become a Published Book Reviewer! Have strong opinions about what you read? Want to get published? Writing a snappy, high-quality book review is easy once you know the basic format and tight writing style.

Cherri Jones, Head of Infant through Grade 12 Resources, Meyer Library, MSU

Marklyn Cotter, Meyer Library, MSU

Paige Harp, Coordinator of Infant through Grade 12 Resources, Meyer Library, MSU

Beyond Bullets: Creative Journal Ideas. No more boring journal entries! Liven up your diary or daily planner with doodles, sketches, lists and more.

Alison Crane, Reeds Spring

Composing in the Key of Life. Celebrate your individuality and human diversity in writing lyrics for a song in standard A/B/A/C/B (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus) format. Feel free to bring acoustic guitars and/or small percussion instruments to enrich your concluding performance!

Chris Craig, Deputy Provost, MSU

Courageous Persuaders. Are you up for a challenge? Test your creativity and design a Public Safety Announcement Storyboard to help keep fellow teens informed about safety!

Tara Bonebrake, Instructor at Greenwood Lab School, MSU

Double Take. Want to breathe new life into your fiction? Experiment with telling tales from unexpected perspectives.

Joseph Wolf, Hollister

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Teenage Life. Ever wondered what a Wikipedia page would say about you? Write your life story through a series of encyclopedia entries.

Sofie Kondro, Reeds Spring

An Exercise in Joy. Want to experience a deeper appreciation for life? Learn how to navigate highs and lows by allowing writing to help you see the whimsy in every moment, even the mundane.

Anton Ruiz, MSU

Flash Fiction. Learn how to tell a great story in 100 words or less. Every word and detail matters with a story this short.

Amanda Hadlock, MSU

Flash Stories of Place. We will create short stories (about 100 words) about place to showcase your voice and to celebrate your place.

Alan Tinkler, Associate Professor of English, MSU

Language of LEGO. You're never too old to enjoy building with Legos! Make your own masterpiece and instruct others how to rebuild your LEGO set using precision communication.

Rob Blevins, Executive Director, Discovery Center of Springfield

Let’s Talk Shop. Want to write with clarity and authority? Bring a printed writing sample – prose, poetry, anything you’d like feedback on – and discover the power of workshopping. Explore digital platforms you can use to share your writing and learn how you can stay connected with fellow teen writers in the Ozarks.

Casey Daugherty, Republic

Metaphor by Four. Explore the fun and beauty of drawing comparisons. Write your own metaphor poem!

Julie Schreffler, Branson

Patterns in Science and Writing. While observing the natural world, our senses tell a story. Conduct an experiment and use sensory imagery to describe the patterns you observe.

David Cornelison; Professor of Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science; MSU

Poetry Warm Up. Enjoy writing poetry but get stuck when you sit down to write? Come learn some fresh, fun warmups to get your poetic pen flowing.

Heidi Hadley, Assistant Professor of English, MSU

The Power of Perception. Assuming something about a person is as dangerous as it gets. Take this opportunity to address assumptions people make about you and uncover your hidden narrative through poetry and prose.

Tiffany Taylor, Parkview

Self-Portrait: Art Inspired Writing. Create a mandala that captures your essence. Then explore how the artwork represents your identity with a poem, free-write, or narrative writing piece.

Sophia Gutierrez, Carl Junction

Social Poets. Come explore a contemporary style of writing that has emerged as its own genre on Instagram. Write your own Instapoem, a poetic form paired with (or found in) an aesthetic photo or illustration, to share online.

David Norman, Galena

A Wealth of Ideas. You've written the next great novel, but how do you sell it? Learn how to craft a Kickstarter and start making money on your writing!

Cody Walker, Marion C. Early

Writing Gone Wild. Brave enough to face the elements? Take a nature walk on campus and record your outdoor experience through sketches and writing.

Cathie English, Associate Professor of English, MSU

Writing for Good. Want to impact the world? Combine your passions and writing skills to advocate for a cause or organization of your choosing.

Jackie Douglas, Education Director, Discovery Center of Springfield

Writing for the World. Why limit your writing to one language when the whole world is listening? Expand your audience by writing in other languages!

Tonia Tinsley, Associate Professor of Modern and Classical Languages, MSU

Jeff Loughary, Instructor of Modern and Classical Languages, MSU

Your Voice, Amplified. We all have a message to share. Craft your message and find your niche within the global community – become a blogger!

Rachel Kramer, Republic