College-Ready Writers Program (CRWP)

The goal of the College-Ready Writers Program (CRWP) is to assure teachers have the ability to teach college- and career-ready writing—with emphasis on writing arguments based on nonfiction texts. CRWP consists of school-embedded institutes; classroom demonstrations, co-teaching, and coaching; and study of effective practices in academic writing instruction, current research, and professional literature.

Results of a 2015 study (Gallagher et al.), indicated CRWP had a positive, statistically significant effect on the four attributes of argument writing—content, structure, stance, and conventions—among students across 22 school districts in 10 states. Notable improvements in student writing as a result of the program included the quality of reasoning and use of evidence.

To support the learning of both teachers and students, a team of NWP teacher-leaders have created instructional materials for routine and extended research arguments, mini-units, and on-demand tasks. Formative assessment resources include the Using Sources Tool, which assists teachers in analyzing how students use evidence to establish and support their claims.

Funding for the National Writing Project’s College-Ready Writers Program is provided by the U.S. Department of Education’s Investing in Innovation (i3) Grant Competition Program, with additional funding from The Rural School and Community Trust and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.