Sessions for Youth Writing Conference

Sessions for our 2019 conference are being developed. To get a taste of what you might see, check out the sessions from last year!


Students will attend one session in each category.


  • Fantasy / Fairy Tales. Fairy tales aren't just for kids anymore, and not every story has a perfectly happy ending. (Jeddie Bristow and Tori Loslo)
  • Flash fiction. A "flash" of a story in 100 words or less. Learn how to tell a story in as few words as possible; every word and detail matters. (Amanda Hadlock, Kiah Mott, and Shane Page)
  • Choose Your Own Adventure. Captured? No, Wait! Killed? No, Wait! Finds love? What path will your character take? Reshape plotline events and character decisions to create a story. (Casey Daugherty)
  • Casting Call. Create story-worthy characters you can relate to. Why does Harry Potter wear glasses? Why is Indiana Jones afraid of snakes? (Julie Thomas)


  • Sports Stories. Write about momentous events in professional sports or your own sporting career. (Sofie Kondro)
  • Science and Story. Write with a scientist who loves to write. Observe the natural world and write your impressions in paragraph, poem, or song. (David Cornelison)
  • Travel and Adventure. There are so many ways to get away on your dream trip! Using examples from real life, Kristy and Amy will guide you through writing ways to adventure away! (Kristy Berger and Amy Sampson)
  • Memoir. Fashion your memories into an engaging story. (Kellsey Bradley)


  • Who Done It? You decide and make the case. Who committed the crime? A lesson in argument writing (Laurie Buffington)
  • Writing marathon. Set yourself free to write in several campus locations under the supervision of an experienced marathon leader. (Betsy McQueen)
  • Rise Up! Be the change you want to be in the world. (Char Berquist and Keri Franklin)
  • Write about Reading. Are you a big fan of reading? Learn how to write memorable book reviews to post on a blog or book review website. (Cherri Jones)


  • Poem Sketching. For poetry-shy writers. Anyone can write a good poem with the write bait. (Annette Tankersley)
  • Poetry Out Loud. Write poems meant to be read. A performance poet is your instructor. (Alexis Creamer)
  • Blackout Poetry. For writers who like to blend art with their poems. (April Smith)
  • Borrowed Poems. Have you ever found a poem you loved so much you wished you were the author? Borrow a well-known poet's structure and create your own masterpiece. (Kelly Neal and Angelic Case)

HAVE LUNCH WITH AN AUTHOR: Students have the option of having lunch with Cecily Cornelius-White, author of the young adult Angel Academy series. She will help students think about publishing.