Sessions for High School Writing Conference

2018 Sessions

The registration form will ask your top three choices. You are required to pick three choices, but you may choose up to five. However, class size is limited and we reserve the right to place students in any open session.

Opening session: New York Times Best-Selling Novelist Nancy Allen

Allen’s latest book, Juror #3, co-authored with James Patterson, is a #1 New York Times best seller, and she is also the author of the Ozarks Mystery Series. To learn more about Allen, her books, her accomplishments, and experiences, listen to this short KSMU radio show.

Become a Published Book Reviewer! Writing a snappy, high-quality book review is easy once you know the basic format and tight writing style. You’ll have the opportunity to publish.

Cheri Jones and Marklyn Cotter, MSU

Beyond Bullets: Creative Journal Ideas. No more boring journal entries! We will doodle, sketch, list, and write our thoughts down in ways that liven up your journal.

Alison Crane, Reeds Spring

Closing In--Enlarge Life by Looking at Detail. Participate in image writing (watercolor painting with writing), writing with photographs, memoirs, and more! 

Casey Daugherty, Republic

Mastering Your BrandWant more followers? Want strategies from the best influencers? Maximize your social media presence in this session.

Audra VanHooser, Bolivar

Math Writing Mashup. Math writing isn't only #’s, <x!, f (x), $>  and a, b, c, x, y. Proving, asking questions, justifying, explaining, wondering, noticing, reflecting, and many other activities are vital to actually doing math, and all require writing. Come participate in writing activities that can help you do math.

Adam Harbaugh, MSU

Oh, The Places We'll Go! Want to see the world? Write about the world? Imagine a new place? Come learn with travel bloggers and podcast writers Amy & Kristy, who've been to 50 states and 20 countries.

Amy Sampson and Kristy Berger, Monett

Play by Play: Sports Writing. Capture the drama of a momentous sporting event in this session led by a writer who loves being an athlete and coach.

Sofie Kondro, Reeds Spring

Poetry Speaks. A student poet from MSU will provide the prompts, give you performance tips, and give you a chance to shine. 

Alexis Creamer, MSU

Science and Story. Write with a scientist who loves to write. Observe the natural world and write your impressions. 

David Cornelison, MSU

Scriptwriting. An interactive workshop in which you will learn about writing for film and television, controlling the audience’s perspective, and using character-based conflict to bring stories from the page to the screen. You’ll then write your own cinematic scene before workshopping it in small groups. 

Rich and Lucie Amberg, MSU

Short Story Dreaming. A step-by-step guide to short story creation. Come in with an idea, leave with everything you need to make your vision a reality.
Kara Holland, MSU

Writing Marathon. It’s all about setting people loose to write. You’ll visit and write in three campus locations.

April Smith, Monett and Ashlea Gray, Bolivar

2017 Sessions

Sessions have been designed for writers of all interests, and some of your sessions will be assigned randomly. Please select two sessions that you are especially interested in, and we will make an effort to place you in at least one of your choices.

A Completely Made Up Story - Create a story, complete with memorable characters, the problem that challenges them, and how they confront it.   Learn how start with your own ideas and turn those ideas into your own fabulous, fictional tale.  

Jeddie Bristow

Hayley Werth

Victoria Loslo

The Evolution of My Thinking - Find your personal connection in a prompt designed to make you think about your thinking. How do beliefs grow and change over time?  

Amanda Shoopman

Brooke Matejka 

Madeline Carasco

Fanfiction - When you are a fan of a book or series, it may be hard to reach the end. With fanfiction, it doesn’t have to be over. Session is led by a fanfiction fanatic.  

Sofie Kondro

Insight Garden - Use objects , pieces of literature, and your life experiences to develop a piece of writing. In essence, you will be asked to have a conversation with yourself about where else you've encountered these artifacts and how you can further develop your thinking about them. 

Amanda Hadlock

Megan Rogers

Madeleine Heberling

Baily Koppelmann

Justice League - Writing to Save Your World - The current state of our nation requires all people, no matter the age, to stand up for what they believe in. Increase the impact of your words by weaving them with the words of a powerful song of protest.  

Sophia Gutierrez

Kara Holland

Jessica Smallwood

Leadership Writing - Do you want to have a positive impact on those around you? What about creating an impact on your school, your community, or even the world? Explore how to be a leader through writing, specifically through online outlets such as social media, websites, and blogs.  

Audra Vanhooser

Let One Go - Parody writing, the most fun type of writing! We will read and watch some parodies and then write our own to share. Let's make fun of things! 

Amy Sampson

Poetry Speaks - Performance poets from MSU will be your instructors. They will provide the prompts, give you performance tips, and give you a chance to shine. 

Taylor Vinson and Alexis Creamer

Science and Story - Observe phenomena from the natural world; then convey your impressions with a paragraph, poem, or song. This session is led by a scientist who loves to write. 

Take a Stand: Make a Statement - The complex world you're inheriting will require innovative, thoughtful solutions. Learn to confront problems with possibilities.  

A Tribute to the Person Who Taught Me Something - Honor someone important in your life or remember someone special.  

Derek Cook

Joshua Johannes

Writing Marathon -  Set yourself free to write in several campus locations under the supervision of an experienced marathon leader.  

Julie Thomas