Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing

Advance your teaching of writing to the next level

Writing is involved in every discipline, and teaching students how to write is a challenging task. Missouri State is offering the new Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing K-12 as a 15-hour graduate-level experience for educators seeking professional development in the teaching of writing.

Through this program, you will gain a deep understanding of the teaching of writing by working on your own writing, reflecting on your teaching practices and reading current research in writing pedagogy, composition and literacy. You will become a stronger writer and learn about what works in the classroom and why.

Upon completion of the certificate, you will be equipped to lead collaborative teaching projects and professional development offerings.

Funded through a grant-driven initiative, you may receive up to 6 credit hours free toward the completion of the certificate.

Benefit from results-driven professional development

Earning the Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing will provide the motivation, tools and confidence to help students become writers. Whether you specialize in the teaching of writing or teach K-12 across disciplines, you will learn how to strengthen your writing and reflective teaching.

You will draw from research to help make adjustments in the classroom and become a teacher-leader, sharing your knowledge with other colleagues.

Designed for practicing teachers, the certificate program blends online and seated courses.

  • Free— Up to 6 hours of graduate credit
  • Meet professional development requirements
  • Develop curriculum to boost classroom performance
  • Lead professional development offerings

Course Requirements

  • 15 hours total
    • 9 hours of required core courses
    • 6 hours of additional courses

 Take the next step, apply today

  1. Apply to the MSU Graduate College:
  2. Submit a 500-750 word Statement of Purpose: Must describe academic/professional objectives, teaching philosophy, approach and commitment to teaching of writing. 
    • Attention: Dr. Linda T. Moser and Dr. Keri R. Franklin
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation: Must address academic/professional experience and expertise.
    • Attention: Dr. Linda T. Moser and Dr. Keri R. Franklin

 Admission Criteria

 To be considered for the program, a student must apply and be admitted to the Graduate College; have   successfully complete the Invitational Summer Institute or the equivalent at a National Writing Project site with   a “B” grade or better; and hold a Bachelor’s degree in English or related field.

 Students who hold a Bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than English may be admitted to the GCTW   program if they can demonstrate a commitment to teaching writing within their own discipline as a central   component of their pedagogy. Such a commitment can be demonstrated in the statement of purpose or letters   of recommendation.

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